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My first “Activity”

Posted by coenwulf on April 2, 2008

History lesson:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 is introducing a couple of new interesting features. The one I find particularly interesting is “Activities.” Also interesting: an extension for Firefox has already been written that supports this new feature!

For those of you who don’t know I’m an avid Firefox user. As a web developer I couldn’t live without it, and, as a user I like the flexibility, power and safety it gives me. I’m currently using Firefox 3 beta 4. Most of my extensions work in this version, but unfortunately the Bookmarks extension hasn’t been updated yet. I could go back to Firefox 2.0, but I’ve already gotten used to some of the nice new features of 3, so I’ve been living with using the bookmarklet to post to instead.

Ever since I discovered Activities it has seemed to me that Activities could be used to create an easy way to post to It wouldn’t be quite as nice as the official Bookmarks extension, but it could provide some cool features. But I can’t seem to find one that anyone has written yet. Ok, I’m a little over eager I suppose, but it’s been weeks already!

I finally decided to check out what it would take to write it myself, and about 20 minutes later had figured out how to make one. I found examples here and started with the Facebook example. I looked at the URL created by the bookmarklet to figure out what information I needed to provide and in what format. I used the documentation here to figure out how to get the information I wanted to put into the post to Also, thanks to this post for causing me to think that it’s time to write it.

Without further delay, here’s a page where you can install my new activity [Hosted free at]. I hope you like it. If you have any cool suggestions let me know in the comments.


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