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Tim O’Reilly on His Reasons for Supporting Barack Obama

Posted by coenwulf on October 30, 2008

Tim O’Reilly (A name probably recognizable only to those of you in the tech world), has blogged on his reasons for supporting Barack Obama. I thought they were interesting enough to point to.

Note that I think we’re fortunate to have two options who both seem to be reasonably intelligent and not crooks. I have hope for the future either way the election goes. However, I favor Barack Obama myself. And although my reasons aren’t all the same as O’Reilly’s I think more fodder for thought is always useful.

Whatever your political leaning, be sure to research the issues and then vote. (Just voting, without actually putting thought into your vote, is worse than not voting at all.)


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When does the fourth ammendment not apply?

Posted by coenwulf on April 6, 2008

For those of you who haven’t come across this one yet, here’s an ill covered news item to make your skin crawl. The EFF has an article about a footnote of a memo that states “… our Office recently concluded that the Fourth Amendment had no application to domestic military operations.”

Whatever you do, be sure to keep paying attention to what your government does in your name. And don’t let subtle lies (such as the “War on Terror”) go unchallenged.

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